Are HCG Drops Safe For Men?

bigbottle_of_hcg_dropsOne of the most disturbing questions when using hcg drops is, are they safe for men’s use? The reason why men are often concerned about the safety of HCG is because this product comes from a hormone produced by the body of pregnant women.

Are hcg drops safe for men? The reality is that before any man can use hcg for weight loss, he needs to be certain of the facts over their safety. Many men are often nervous about using hcg drops because it comes from a female-generated hormone. They wonder its effects on their bodies and whether it will really assist them in weight loss. Here are some facts about the use of HCG by men:

  • During pregnancy, hcg is distributed to the body of the fetus

The reality is that when a mother is pregnant, she shares her HCG hormones with her unborn child. When the hormones are shared with a male child, they stimulate the development of the gonads. As a result, all male children have HCG in the body which is inherited from their mothers.

Scientific studies suggest that without HCG, the male child would not have successfully developed some body organs. This is a confirmation that men using HCG drops for loss of additional pounds are completely safe from harm. They instead enjoy numerous unknown benefits by using HCG drops for weight loss.

  • HCG Helps Men in the production of testosterones

Did you know that hcg drops aids in men’s development of the testicles through the production of the testosterone hormone? It is because of this use of hcg that convinced many weight loss experts that hcg could be used in weight loss for men.

Dr. Simeon, one of the founders of men’s hcg drop solutions, discovered that HCG could help adolescent boys recover from the Froelich’s Syndrome, a state where a man experienced slow sexual growth with extreme weight gains. HCG helped in the rapid development of men’s sexual organs and lowered their food intake without themselves feeling hungry. This is also another surety that HCG drops for men’s use is indeed safe.

  • Testimonies from thousands of men who have lost weight with HCG drops

If you still don’t believe that HCG drops are safe for men, you better go online and read reviews from men who were once desperate over their weight but who have successfully shed off the extra pounds. Among these men who used real hcg alongside the right dieting plans, there are completely no signs of harmful effects on their health. Some physicians claim that HCG drops for men work much better than for women. Men lose weight faster while on hcg programs than women. Thus, there are no known negative effects of hcg drops on men.

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