How to Fix Marriage Problems

Someone wise enough once stated that “Marriage is a door where the unmarried are rushing to get in and the married are rushing to get out!” Understanding each other and validating feelingsThis controversial saying should point to something way deeper taking place in marriages. Is it a bed of roses as the single people believe it to be? Well it may be a bed of roses to some but even roses have thorns!

The thorns of marriage are quite a lot and cannot comprehensively be discussed in a single article. However, let us talk about how to fix marriage problems from an expert point of view by looking at the cause of the most common problems in marriage and how you can solve such problems. Here we go:

  • Marriage Problem No. 1: In-Laws

You may not believe it but one of the major problem causers in a marriage is in laws. Once married, a husband or wife may forget that he has already left home and become one with his wife. As a result, he may keep on referring to how his wife is not like his mother, or her husband is not as mature as his father.

Sometimes, there may be direct interference from in-laws either wanting to dictate the direction the marriage is taking or asking too much from the partners. As a result, disagreements, quarrels and fights set in. If these are not properly handled in time, it may be the beginning of the end for the marriage.

So, how do we solve the problem with in-laws? The only way out is for both partners to remain united and speak with one voice. You married your partner and must support him/her above all else in any disagreements. If keeping your marriage is important to you, then, your partner should come first in everything.

  • Marriage Problem No. 2: Money

You have heard it being said that money is the source of all evils. Well, we can paraphrase it that Money is the source of most marriage problems. The painful truth is that money can literally leave marriages burning.

When you are newlywed, you may not know how to balance between the freedom money brings and the security it is supposed to offer in a marriage. So, how do you prevent money from burning your marriage?

The secret here is to work together on your financial spending and goals. If possible have a joint bank account where you deposit half of your pay while you have personal accounts for the rest of your spending. Before you make an investment, consult with your partner and get his/her advice. In that manner, you will prevent money from being a hurdle into your marriage.

  • Marriage Problem No.3: Sex

Sex is a topic many people fear discussing but we are forced to discuss it because it has single handedly sent millions of marriages to the gallows. Your marriage is not safe without sex. As many couples often discover, sex is only plenty during the honeymoon.

As the marriage progresses sexual desires reduce due to the worries and stresses each day brings. This is a difficult thing for husbands to understand of their wives as a rejection in bed will seem as loss of love and rejection by either of the partners.

Sometimes, one partner wants more sex than the other is ready to provide. This leads to unfulfilled desires, quarrels, and hurt feelings and in the end, infidelity. The reality is that sex is breaking marriages each day.

The best way around this problem is trust and open discussions. It will take a lot of understanding, open talk, give and take from both partners. Sometimes, it may need you to sacrifice for the sake of your partner. Discuss your sexual desires without embarrassments and handle each other in love.

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