Oral HCG Drops

Whenever HCG is mentioned, what comes into mind is weight loss. HCG is a Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone produced in women during pregnancy. Unlike what comes into your mind, HCG has other uses such as for treatment of fertility and ovulation in women and for helping in the production of testosterone in men.

For the purposes of weight loss, HCG can either be used through drops or injections. Oral HCG drops are administered under the tongue with the right dieting plan for successful weight loss. When rightly used, oral hcg can lead to a loss of between one to two pounds in a week.

How is oral HCG Drops Given?

When administering oral HCG drops for the purposes of weight loss, it is approximated that about sixteen drops are taken throughout the day at regular intervals. Oral HCG is more preferable to injections because they do not need needles to administer and thus are easy and safe to use.

On the other hands, injections have to penetrate the skin in a painful manner that may leave bruises and spots which at times last before they completely disappear. It is for this reason why people prefer using oral hcg drops as their weight loss solution.

Is oral HCG drops safe?

The question that disturbs most weight losers is whether using oral hcg drops alongside a dieting plan is safe. Some even doubt the safety of using very low calorie diets for the purposes of weight loss. The reality is that within the body system of both men and women, there are traces of HCG hormones.

What does this indicate? It should tell you that even if a woman is not pregnant, she has HCG within her body system. This is also the case in men who hcg helps in the production of testosterone. Thus, when oral hcg is used for weight loss purposes, it is still extremely safe for the body. Natural hcg drops will never provide any harm to the human body.

Can Men Use Oral HCG Drops?

Most often than not many men wonder whether hcg is safe for those of them who want to lose weight. The reality is that hcg drops has no harmful effects to the health of men. As a matter of fact, it has health benefits to men’s reproductive organs because it increases testosterone levels in men. Research studies have also found that HCG drops are more effective on men than on women in relation to weight loss. Men can lose between one to two pounds in a day with oral hcg drops used alongside a correct meal plan.

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