Six Food Items That Can Be Stored For A Lifetime

food items that can be stored for a lifetimeDid you know that with proper long term food storage means, some food items can be stored for a lifetime. Emergency food items will ensure that you are able to survive even during periods when there is low supply of food. There are foods that will stand the test of time and last a lifetime when properly stored. However, their ability to last a lifetime depends on how properly they are stored. The most recommended storage information can be found at Here are the food items that can be stored for a lifetime:

  • Rice

Rice can be an important source of calories. Even without proper food storage, rice can last for a long time. However, with the right storage, you can have rice last for as long as over forty years! Rice is cheap and can be stored in large quantities for future use.

  • Wheat

Wheat will rarely go bad with proper storage. Just like corn, wheat can last for many years without any signs of going bad. Wheat is important because it feeds almost a third of the world population and will prove useful if stored for emergency periods.

  • Honey

Due to its low water content, microorganisms are rarely found in honey. For this reason, when properly stored, it never goes bad no matter how long it is stored. The only thing that can happen to honey is that it can change its color as the years go by especially when there are inconsistencies in temperature.

  • Salt

When subjected to moisture, salt often absorb the moisture. This does not however mean that it goes bad as it can last indefinitely. Salt can be very important in the face of an emergency and has been known for other uses such as for cooking, cleaning and as a preservative.

  • Sugar

Sugar is another food item which will last a lifetime. Sugar also absorbs moisture if not properly stored. However, with proper storage, sugar will never go bad.

  • Dried Corn

When corn is not dried, it has a short lifespan. However, when corn is dried and stored, it can last for many years on end without going bad. Even our forefathers realized this and used to dry and store corn.

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