Welcome to Valiant's Field Grown!


Valiant's: A Modern Plant-Based Eatery!

Valiant's is an award winning restaurant on a mission to change peoples perceptions of what good food is - and along the way we try to do our part to create positive impacts on the environment, as well as human & animal welfare.

Plant-based before it was cool because we believe it is the right direction for the planet and all of us living on it together. 

Since 2014 we have moved forward proudly on our core mission: To make food better for everyone. 

We have been serving innovative, mouth-watering "Give Me More!" Vegan food since 2014 - having built our community by not compromising on quality, taste or texture. 


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Looking for some local pickup? 

The restaurant is open during our current pandemic-crisis for pickup. 

Please call the restaurant to place an order (local pickup orders only): 705-503-0111 

We can arrange for curb-side pickup too! If you call and order, we will give you a total and you can etransfer to: barrie@valiants.ca








Following our core mission, in 2019 we launched a broader line of retail products, including our line of Plant-Based Meatless Meats. You can find our products on this website by clicking the Shop button in the main menu (or here: shop now! )

We have also launched a second local restaurant focused on our Field Grown line of Vegan meats: Field Grown Deli. 

Field Grown Deli is a fresh new take on a classic Montreal or New York style deli. With over 30 fresh sandwiches on the menu it will be hard to pick a place to start, but there is no wrong choice as every sandwich comes piled high with your favourite Vegan Meat!

For our Field Roast Deli Menu, see below: