Field Grown Foods

Valiant's Field Grown Foods is a family created and run company. Our products have been in development since 2014 and were born out of a desire to feed a growing family and amazing community the best plant-based foods possible. 

The recipes, created by Michael Valiant with plenty of feedback from Tina and the rest of the family, focus on mouth-watering, "Give Me More!" taste without compromising on texture or ingredient quality. Today, Valiant's Field Grown Foods offers one of the largest selections of plant-based meat options in Canada.

Tina Valiant:
"Our original concept was created when Michael and I wanted to find better options to feed our 4 growing kids! We needed food options that were both healthy and tasted great and that was (and still is) hard to find anywhere else."


Opening in 2014, Michael & Tina ran a vegan burger joint (Canada's first!) for over 5 years, before deciding to expand options in 2019 with Valiant's restaurant. To support this new venture, we also started a side business creating great Vegan meat products to use in the restaurant recipes. Over the next couple of years a broader range of products was created under the Field Grown banner and eventually the webstore was launched with Canada-wide shipping. 

About the Product

Field Grown products are primarily hand-crafted seitan meats. We also have several gluten-free options!

Michael & Tina Valiant owned and operated Canada's First Vegan Burger Joint in ON, franchising out 4 other locations before launching Valiant's Eatery and Field Grown Foods.  

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