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Valiants: A Modern Plant-Based Eatery!

It is with much sadness that we have made the heartbreaking decision to close Valiant’s Eatery.

For 10 years we have striven to create unique and healthy vegan dishes for our family, friends and community and to show the world that you can be healthy and strong on a plant only diet. Unfortunately, the restaurant business has become more and more difficult ever since the pandemic - with lower turnouts and delivery services taking larger and larger portions of the profit - and Valiant’s Eatery has been on life support for a few years now. 

And while the restaurant has closed, we are not gone. Our side businesses, the online store ( and our weekly meal box program have both grown in popularity even while the restaurant business dwindled and moving forward we will be continuing with both - so you will still be able to get our meals, and our Plant Based Meats moving forward, although ‘local pickup’ at the restaurant will no longer be an option. We’ll be updating the website and posting next week’s meal box with new options shortly, so watch for those!

We have plans to expand both services over the coming weeks and are also excited to share that we are actively working on a Vegan Meat Cookbook proposal and have started looking for agents - so keep your fingers crossed for that! 

When the dust settles, we are both sad and excited to move into this next stage, but the thing that we will miss the most is all of you. Your friendship, conversations and support have helped keep us going over the past few years. We value each and every one of you and hope dearly that this is not a goodbye, but a ‘see you soon’ moment. We have turned down many offers to get together and hang out over the past couple of years because we were working 7 days a week to keep the business afloat - now we find ourselves with time to reconnect with all of you - Please reach out in DMs or email: - we look forward to chatting again! 

If you have any questions about our products, current services, plans, etc., please also reach out.

Or find us on Facebook & Instagram @ValiantsFieldGrown